Silverback Wolf (Return to Bear Creek Book 17) by Harmony Raines

Silverback Wolf (Return to Bear Creek Book 17)

Book Title: Silverback Wolf (Return to Bear Creek Book 17)

Author: Harmony Raines

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Harmony Raines with Silverback Wolf (Return to Bear Creek Book 17)

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Tasked with keeping a child safe, Monica is on the run. Bear Creek is the place she’s running to, where she hopes to find the one man she’s been told will help her. The one man she can trust.

Used to taking care of herself, trust is one thing she does not give easily. Monica, an ex-soldier, knows trust must be earned. So, when she comes face to face with the man she’s seeking, she has no intention of spilling all her secrets. Even if that man is her mate.

Wyatt came to the mountains to escape his past. To escape the guilt of not being there for a friend when he was needed the most. But recent events in Bear Creek mean he’s willing to move on.

However, when he scents his mate on the mountain, he must decide if he’s ready to do more than move on.

To help his mate, and an old friend in need, he must be willing to fight and accept the price he may be forced to pay—no matter how high it may be.